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A Musical and Dance Theater Production by Menka Nagrani



Territory: Québec

Des pieds des mains Productions presents progressive and inclusive shows that showcase atypical and diverse artists, actors and dancers with the goal of provoking an artistic and social dialogue. The artistic works are the result of an interdisciplinary approach combining contemporary dance and experimental theatre and are destined as much for the dance as the theatre audiences. The shows (Leçons, L’Ombre, Le Temps des Marguerites... à la folie ou pas du tout! Pharmakon, Le Chemin des Passes dangereuses, Bonne fête !) have been presented countless of times in Montreal’s professional venues  (Tangente, Théâtre La Chapelle, maisons de la culture, théâtre Prospero...) and at international festivals in Canada, Belgium, France and in Japan. The company also produces short films (Rehearsing the Lesson, Le Songe chorégraphique de M. Malade et Eurêka !) that are distributed in film festivals across the globe. Founded in 2004, by multidisciplinary artist Menka Nagrani, the company is the first one in Quebec to actively train and hire artists with cognitive impairments. 

The company and its artistic director Menka Nagrani are recipients of numerous prizes: 

  • Fourth place in The Globe & Mail’s national ranking of dance shows 2007 for ... à la folie ou pas du tout!

  • The Janine-Sutto Prize in 2010. 

  • A Cochon d’or in 2011 for Best Emerging Artist for Pharmakonas well as a nomination in the Most Remarkable Works category. 

  • Artistic Creation Prize from the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec in 2012 for her entire body of work. 

  • A Recognition from the Commission des droits de la personne et de la jeunesse for her devotion to training and including artists with various handicaps.


Survivors of a hellish fire that orphans them, Étienne and his sister Viviane try hard to restart their lives, while, far away, in a land of dreams and beaches, hurricane season is unleashed. Their sister Sophie, returning from a vacation cut short by hurricane Irma, is employed by an insurance company but ignores her entire family tragedy. When she re-appears in the midst of her own burnout after years of absence, she is also like ashes (Cendres), utterly destroyed in front of the parental urn, their house, their previous life. 

The three of them try to re-invent the next steps in their lives. In the meantime, winter comes, the last of the white rhinoceroses expires and the pizza delivery boy never shows up. Is it the beginning or the end of the world? A smart mix of theatre, contemporary and percussive dance, jigs and traditional complaintessongs, Cendres delves into the territories of hope and dispossession. Artists Emmanuelle Jimenez and Menka Nagrani team up in this new show from Productions des pieds des mains.

* Young audiences version also available (high school)


Thanks to the rich and creative staging of Menka Nagrani, the spectator plunges into a universe that is both funny, scary and singular.

Emmanuel Martinez

Journal de Montréal

A really beautiful text by Emmanuelle Jimenez; it’s her best to date (...) the step dance works! It is possible to step dance your sadness.

Marie-Christine Blais

Culture Club, Ici Première

Supported by a Marilyn Perreault of a surprising intensity and an Olivier Rousseau whose body discipline offers rich moments without words, Marion-Rivard surrenders without restraint to a rare, genuine performance.

Alexane Roy


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Lenght : 80 minutes

Genre : All ages

A Musical and Dance Theater Production by

Menka Nagrani

Text: Emmanuelle Jimenez

Adaptation, Staging, Choreography and Musical Direction: Menka Nagrani

Creation and Performance:

Gabrielle Marion-Rivard, Marilyn Perreault

and Olivier Rousseau

Step Dance Choreography Development Artist:

Mélissandre Tremblay-Bourassa

Original Composition and Traditional Musical Arrangement: Maëva Clermont
* with a tune by Michel Faubert